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  The instruction for “How to order the product”

  1. Select the specific product. (Add to cart)

  2. Click on “Check out” bottom.

  3. Please check the orders lists on your cart carefully and then select the preferred payment option.Click “Confirm”.

  4. We will send orders list to your e-mail (Not the receipt for payment!!).

  5. We will send the receipt including shipping fee to your e-mail after we have checked your orders. Please pay it in 3 days after you get the receipt.    

  6. Please send us a copy of payment slip with order number.

  7. We will ship your orders in 5 days after receiving your payment. And, we will send the Tracking number to your e-mail..


  The shipping process.

  We will shipping worldwide with airmail registered that use transit time for register approximately 15 – 30 days. Except some country maybe use transit time

  45 days for airmail registered.The price for airmail registered is at least $12 that depend on weigh of product and the country. However, you can track

  the orders in term of “Where is my orders now”  in this website“http://track.thailandpost.co.th/tracking/default.aspx?lang=en” via tracking number.


  The payment process.

  For payment process, we have three optional support to you (Paypal, Western(WU) and Bank Transfer). 

  Fee of payment process

        - Paypal (+ 5% of expenses) 

        - Bank Transfer (+ 15$)

 You can select the payment option that you prefer to use in the ordering step. And we will send the confirmation of payment together with the receipt to you again.



  If you want the Phytosanitary certificate and Cites permit, that is $25 per 1 shipment. You can select the Phytosanitary certificate and Cites permit before

  submitting your order. Nevertheless, if you don't want the Phytosanitary certificate and Cites permit, I will send plants which don't have

  Phytosanitary certificate and Cites permit to you. But I am not responsible if the customs confiscate the items. Please be aware of the rules and

  regulations of Customs in destination country.


  As the buyer, you should be aware of possible:

  - delays from customs inspection.

  - import duties and taxes which buyers must pay.

  - brokerage fees payable at the point of delivery.


      *** Do not hesitate to contact us via deawcactus@gmail.com, we would be very glad to be hearing from you. ***